Case Study #1

Stomp Rocket Stunt Plane box 1711 v17.jpg

Stomp Rocket



A decades old toy company that had negative sales growth. They were in danger of losing their Amazon presence and most chains no longer carried their product.



  • Omni Alliance created exciting, contemporary new packaging for the entire line of products.

  • Omni Alliance created multiple videos showing kids using the products, playing outside, and having FUN.

  • Omni Alliance expanded the line.

  • Omni Alliance hired an aeronautical engineer to create Stunt Planes which do varying tricks in the air.

  • Omni Alliance redesigned the launching pad to allow different angles for takeoff.

  • Product line has became a major success on Amazon with exponential growth

  • Orders and placement from major retailers have recently occurred.

Video directed & produced by Omni Alliance Inc.

Case Study #2

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A non-branded manufacturer of industrial tire sealant wanted to introduce their product to consumers.  Their key competitor is a product called SLIME. This competitor has distribution in virtually all auto supply and large retailers.

Slime product known to not work well by buyers and general public.


Selling in this non-branded product which is vastly superior to SLIME.


Through investigation, it was determined one of the ingredients in Multi-Seal was virtually identical to Dupont Kevlar.  Omni worked with the manufacturer to replace the existing ingredient with Dupont Kevlar.

  • Omni negotiated a worldwide exclusive licensing agreement with Dupont Kevlar.

  • Adding a  “MADE WITH DUPONT KEVLAR” label on the product bottles brought instant credibility with the buyers at the chains.  This resulted in multiple chains testing and reordering.


Video directed & produced by Omni Alliance Inc.