For most companies, the U.S. presents the opportunity for UNLIMITED SUCCESS.

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Get a FREE detailed evaluation of how YOUR products would sell in the U.S. chain store market. Including:

  • Determining which chains are a good match for your products.

  • A review to assess adapting your packaging, videos and other marketing assets for the U.S. market.

  • Determining your potential for online sales to create immediate cash flow.

  • And more!

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Omni Alliance is your complete turnkey U.S. Sales & Marketing division.

  • Omni Alliance is U.S. based

  • Years of established relationships with U.S. chain store buyers.

All aspects of our process are important. But the most important is sell through. Once a product is on the shelf- it must sell through to get re-orders. Re-orders are the basis for exponential growth.

What We Do:

Marketing- Preparing you for the U.S. Market

• Omni will adapt your packaging, website and videos  so that they will be effective with U.S. consumers. 

• After placement in a chain, Omni implements aggressive marketing and advertising campaigns to assure sell through for reorders and chain wide distribution.

• Omni manages your long term social media, advertising and PR campaigns to increase branding and customer awareness which supports placement in more and more chains.

Sales- Getting on the shelves & Driving sell through

• Identifying which U.S. chains are the best fit for your product line

• Determining price points and margins that support successful sell through and deliver substantial net profits.

• Implementing a quick start online strategy to jump-start U.S. sales. 

• Omni understands the unique operating procedures of each chain. To attain best results we create and present targeted programs that fit each chains profile.

Omni selects clients who we believe have a potential of selling a minimum wholesale volume of  $5M per year in the U.S.

Omni Alliance can become a substantial new profit center for your company. 

Break into U.S. retail chains with us!

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