Mark Weiner, CEO

Why We Love Him: He’s the Magic Man! Mark keeps everything moving forward with laughter ... and the occasional reminder to take a deep breath!

His Illustrious Past: Mark has launched and built seven companies, and he has become an expert in building out a company’s infrastructure to support fast growth. Mark grew up in the toy business: His father and uncle were distributors who opened a chain of toy stores in New York City, and Mark attended his first Toy Fair at the wise old age of 10! Mark’s best-known success is a company he founded called Street Surfing, which had offices in the U.S., Portugal and the UK. The company was based on a product Mark spotted at an invention convention, which he turned into the “Wave Board.” (It’s like a skateboard, but instead of using your foot to propel yourself, you twist at the waist.) Thanks to Mark and his team’s outrageously successful guerrilla marketing program — where they went into middle schools and taught kids how to ride the board during P.E. (physical education) class in the U.S., and then country-by-country in Europe — the Wave Board became a billion-dollar worldwide phenomenon.

How We Keep Him Busy: Mark touches everything at Omni! He’s busy building out our sales and marketing team, negotiating licensing deals, structuring pricing for retail, making sure intellectual property rights are protected, ensuring factories are charging appropriately and delivering quality goods, helping clients manage cash flow and inventory levels, and so much more!


Jill Jameson, Vice President of Sales & Marketing

Why We Love Her: Jill may look like a pussycat, but she’s really a tiger! This woman makes sales magic happen!

Her Illustrious Past: During her 20-plus-year career, Jill has handled sales and marketing for some of the best-known brands in retail, including Hamilton Beach, Proctor Silex, Inspired Mother, ICA Home Décor, Ginsu Knives (a Berkshire Hathway Company), Asahi, Minute Maid, Martinelli and Brita. She has extensive experience launching products into new markets, and has worked in every retail channel in the United States, including mass market, big box, membership club stores, grocery, drug stores, specialty chains, natural/eco-friendly retailers, discount chains and online retailers. Jill also has worked closely with the Australian government to identify products that would do well in the U.S. market, and she has successfully launched several Australian brands here.

How We Keep Her Busy: Jill manages Omni’s entire U.S. sales and marketing team, treating our clients’ brands like they’re her children. She is involved in every aspect of both creating and implementing U.S. go-to-market strategies for new brands and new product lines. Plus, Jill joins our account managers to personally lead key sales meetings with major retailers throughout the U.S. and Canada.

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Nicole Townend
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Jamie Nordyke, Sales Manager




Corrine Brodsky, Sales Assistant


Hector Lavenant, Lead Designer


Nicole Townend, Marketing Coordinator


Rachel Alcone, Marketing & Social Media Strategist


Valerie Almador, Executive Assistant


Manny Armesto, Director of Business Development


Johnathan Pavloff, International Sales


Sue Elliot, Consultant