Retailers we work with:

We represent all areas of trade. Some of our current clients are:

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+ Your Turnkey U.S. Operation

We are a turnkey U.S. sales and marketing operation. Our team will help you penetrate the U.S. market faster and more successfully. Because we manage 95% of the U.S. operation for you, there is only a minimal amount of additional work for your existing staff.

+ Relationships With U.S. Retailers

Our team has longstanding relationships with all of the major retailers throughout the U.S., including both national and regional chains. We will leverage these relationships to place your products into the appropriate U.S. retail channels.

+ Marketing To Drive Sales

Getting your products into the retailers is only the first step. Once your products are on the shelf, we will make sure people actually buy them! Omni’s team excels at generating strong “sell-through” via potent, strategic marketing. This includes social media, YouTube, Google Ad Words, PR and more.

+ Exponential Growth

Generating strong sell-through is vital. That is what leads to re-orders and re-orders lead to exponential growth. Our team, through multiple forms of marketing, will grow your business with the chains that have already been opened. Plus, we will continue to open up new retailers on an ongoing basis. This is how your company experiences substantial and potentially exponential growth.


How are we different, and what can we do for you?


Our team KNOWS this market.

We have the relationships with the retailers. We will get your products into the stores. And we will make sure your products sell, so your company experiences substantial, even exponential growth ... AND strong net profits.